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Arguing over Trump has become a bitter reality for many Americans. "Once people found out I had voted for Trump the stuff started flying," said William Lomey, 64, a retired cop in Philadelphia who no longer speaks with a friend he grew up with after they clashed on Facebook over the election. "I questioned him on a few things, he didn't like it, he blew up and left me a nasty message and we haven't talked since." He said his friend is gay and worries about Trump's sometimes demeaning campaign rhetoric about minority groups including Muslims, Hispanics, immigrants and the disabled. "I think people are getting too wound up,"Lomey said. Sue Koren, 57, a Clinton supporter in Dayton, Ohio, said she can barely speak to her two Trump-backing sons and has unfriended "maybe about 50" people on Facebook who support the president. "Life is not what it was before the election," she said. "It's my anger, my frustration, my disbelief. They think our current president is a hero and I think he's a nut." George Ingmire, 48, a radio documentary producer in New Orleans, said he broke off a close relationship with an uncle who had helped him through his father's suicide because of his uncle's fervent support for Trump. "We had some back and forth and it just got really deep, really ugly," Ingmire said. "I don't see this ever being fixed." FACEBOOK FIGHTS Many personal conflicts erupt on social media.

A large percentage of your return up to 40% on some games comes from bonus events. You will get fewer and smaller jackpots on the man reels. Even though you can bet as much money on penny games as on dollars, the dollar games still have higher payback percentages. Thats mostly because there is no lack of players at the penny games. Players are happy with the entertainment video slots offer. They make fewer bets per hour because bonus events take up some of the time and the overall experience keeps players coming back. But no, slot makers and casinos have not reduced paybacks on high-denomination slots to bring them in line with the low-denom video games. QUESTION: Is there any advantage to short playing sessions in blackjack, as opposed to one longer session? ANSWER: For an average player, no, there is no advantage in terms of the house edge. It doesnt matter whether you play one four-hour session four one-hour sessions. The house edge remains the same.

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