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But it doesnt take a bright, shiny, expensive licensed theme for a game to succeed. The machines manufacturers call core games, with themes developed in-house or in the public domain, are the workhorse games on slot floors. And sometimes such core games capture the publics imagination and become lasting player favorites. Take two Egyptian-themed games, Cleopatra and Sphinx. Both are in the International Game Technology realm today, although Sphinx took a roundabout way to get there. The original Sphinx and several successor games were developed by the European slotmaker Atronic, which merged into Spielo International and then GTECH before GTECH merged with IGT. What are the attractions? Lets look at Cleopatra first. Cleopatra wasnt a big pioneering breakthrough game. Its a five-line video slot with a free spin bonus. That format has worked for hundreds of video slots, although Cleopatra has been one of the most enduring.

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